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Since 1927 a number of distinguished musicians have taken the baton of the Guernsey Glee Singers, the longest established choir still in existence in Guernsey. 

Edith Noel 1927 - '36
A pioneer for music during her life, founder member of the Guilles Alles Choral Society, joint founder of the Guernsey Eisteddfod, accompanist and organist. She founded the Guernsey Glee Singers first as a ladies choir.


Hedley Nicolle 1936 - '37
Took over briefly due to Mrs Noel's ill health and conducted the choir at the London Festival.


Reverend Wood 1937 - '40
He kept the choir going with occasional concerts until the war.


Muriel Luckie 1946
A past member of the choir, she started the Guernsey Glee Singers up again but left for Hamburg to join Freddy Nash her husband to be.


T Davies Passey 1946 - '48
Described as Professor of Music at Elizabeth College. Well qualified as Mus. Bach. and A.R.C.O. he gave inspiring leadership and the choir grew to over fifty voices. He left to become Musical Director of the Liverpool Operatic Society.


Eric Waddams 1948 - '55
A choral scholar from King's College, Cambridge was a worthy successor. His guidance saw the first BBC broadcast. He gave concerts supported by well known soloists, Baritones, Frederick Harvey and Philip Hattey, and organist Dudley Savage. He started the tradition of Concert Versions given by the Glees with "The Village Opera" by Handel.


Marion Blondel 1955 - 57
She continued the tradition already established.


Coreen Singleton 1957 - '58
A soloist in the choir took over for two years.


Gordon Hughes 1958 - '64
A young man in his mid twenties, he had a big impact on the choir using his great personality and enthusiasm. The choir gave concerts in Candie Gardens (with accompaniment from the birds) also supported by professional soloists - Owen Brannigan, John Cameron, Hervey Alan. The choir frequently recorded items for the BBC. Gordon produced several special arrangements of popular tunes for the choir.


Christopher Liddle 1964 - '66
He followed Gordon Hughes as music master at the Grammar School and was organist at the Town Church. He left to return to Wales.


Reginald Le Prevost 1966 - 76
An innovator who took the choir to pastures new. He started the Annual Christmas Concert at the Royal Hotel. The Gilbert and Sullivan repertoire began with a static, concert version supported by a narrator and then to costumes, scenery and dialogue produced by Jill Stephenson and Gerry King. Took three productions to Jersey


John Stephenson 1976, 1989
Always available to take over as deputy conductor for many years.


Janet Bran 1976 - '87
An experienced soloist contralto at the Llangollen Eisteddfod and in the Messiah, and a well known teacher of music. Janet first joined the choir as a soloist in 1970. She developed the Christmas Concerts to include short "works". Continued full scale performances of Gilbert and Sullivan produced by Ken Fletcher and also concerts with Richard Baker narrating.  A highlight for the choir was singing on live BBC radio concerts, one conducted by Robert Farnon with the BBC Concert Orchestra. 

Pauline Morgan (nee Carre) 1987 - '89
A soloist in many Gilbert and Sullivan productions. Extended the repertoire of the choir until her untimely death.


Stephen Le Prevost 1990 - '91
Left to become deputy organist at Westminister Abbey. He developed the choir's repertoire of part singing.


Simon Applegate 1991 - '92
From conducting bands in the Army, he gave the choir a military flavour. 


Marilyn Pugh 1992 - 2007
A keen musician and choral specialist. Educated at Ladies College, qualified with L.T.C.L. and Cert. Ed. she was a pupil of Janet Bran and sang contralto in her choir. She was a founder member of the Chamber Choir and musical director for the Gang Show, GADOC productions, Stage Door and Evoke productions.  During her time with the Glees, the choir sang Gilbert and Sullivan at Castle Cornet and with Savoyards at St James, participated in the Jersey Eisteddfod and travelled to Vienna and Prague and not forgetting Sark!. 


Roger Brooks 2008

Roger Brooks, assisted by his wife Sue, took the reins at the Guernsey Glee Singers for a year before establishing his own choir, introducing more sacred music to the repertoire.

Fiona Le Tissier 2009 – 2014
Another pupil of Janet Bran went on to study vocals and piano at the Birmingham Conservatoire and then further studies with a PGCE at Exeter University, Fiona became deputy director of Music at Cranbook School in Kent. On returning to Guernsey, Fiona obtained a Masters Degree while Head of Music at St Peter Port School and was head of music at Beechwood before becoming a private teacher of singing and piano. Taking the choir to Jersey and Sark, the choir excelled under the baton of Fiona. 


Nerine Ozanne 2014 - 2015
Educated at Middlesex University and after completing a PGCE at the University of Gloucester, Nerine took up her first teaching appointment as Deputy Head of Music at Wells Blue School in Somerset. On returning to Guernsey in 2007, Nerine returned to many ensembles and started teaching at St. Sampson's High School.


Dan Madden 2015 - 2016
Moving to the Island to teach woodwind at Guernsey's School Music Service, Dan became the Glees' accompanist when it became vacant. In 2015, Dan moved to become conductor and led a full orchestra and guests with the Glees to perform Handel's Ode for St Cecilia with excerpts from the Messiah for the 2016 Christmas concert.

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